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Welcome to the closed beta-test of Style Me
Your experience with Style Me voice app will help us make clothes shopping more sustainable, enjoyable, and efficient. After you complete the 15-minute test, we will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card as a thank you for your participation.
Test Scenario
Your goal
Your goal is to look through at least 3 pairs of jeans and find a pair of jeans that you like and may want to buy.
First, Watch the Video
Before you start the test, please watch this video to get familiar with the process and what you can ask. Don't skip this step.
Second, Start the Conversation
Being the conversation with Style Me virtual shopping assistant by saying "Ok Google, ask Style Me to shop for jeans." This is an unmonitored test (we analyze your logs after) so you will just start speaking with Style Me on your phone at your chosen time.
Third, Get Shopping
Talk with Style Me to find a pair of jeans that you love. Express what you want and react to Style Me suggestions until you like the suggested pair of jeans. You should get at least 3 results in your test, or more if needed to find a pair of jeans that you might like.
Finally, Request a Link to the Jeans You Like
After you've found a pair you like, ask Style Me to email you the link to them. This will prompt you to create an account and allow us to connect the log with your name. You won't be put on any mailing lists. After you request the link, continue shopping or exit.
Style me
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